"Our alliance with DOmedia marks an evolution in the service spectrum that Telmar offers. The last thing a media planner needs to worry about is how to they are going to mesh the data gathering and analytical phase of media planning with the proposal and implementation process."

Corey Panno
Telmar Group Inc.

What this Software Integration Means for Agencies & the Industry

Integrating media planning and buying software organizes the data and helps advertisers better understand the full capability of out-of-home media. Connecting the data between media planning and buying makes the whole process easier, creating efficiency for clients, agencies and vendors.

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Turn Media Plans into Buys
Agencies seamlessly transition from media planning to vendor proposals with even more responsiveness to meet client needs.

Organize Your Data
By organizing the data, media planners and buyers are now able to analyze proposals using consistent information.

Efficiency for the Industry
Using technology to handle repetitive data gathering and analysis saves time and reduces the cost to buy media - meaning there is more time to build more creative, effective campaigns for clients.

Telmar and DOmedia have aligned to create efficiency in 
out-of-home media planning and buying.

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 How it Works

Create Media Plan

Using TOPS 2.0, Telmar's Outdoor Planning System, agencies can evaluate outdoor media using reach/frequency, site level, market and TAB Eyes-On data to create an informed media plan.

Find Vendors & Receive Proposals

Using DOmedia's database of inventory from 600+ media vendors and it's request for proposal (RFP) platform, agencies can find media that fits the plan and receive standardized proposals from vendors.

Analyze & Buy Media

Agencies analyze vendor proposals using Telmar's planning analytics (the industry's most advanced) and then place media orders to complete the process.




Who can take advantage of this integration?

All of Telmar's agency customers are able to use DOmedia's RFP software to turn
media plans into media buys. Additionally, agencies currently using DOmedia can
analyze vendor proposals using Telmar's planning analytics.


What is the cost?

Agencies and Brands who are currently Telmar TOPS 2.0 customers can connect to 
DOmedia's search and RFP software for free.  If you are not currently a Telmar customer, 
you can still use DOmedia for free. 


How do I get started?

Sign up for more information above and we'll be touch. 
Or, simply email telmar@domedia.com.

The First Integrated Media Planning & Buying Software for Out-of-Home Media.

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